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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Giovanni Boccaccio, 121 books
Francesco Petrarca, 85 books
Gaston Paris, 34 books
Ramón Menéndez Pidal, 31 books
Cohen, Gustave, 24 books
Jean Frappier, 16 books
Michel Zink, 12 books
Manuel Alvar, 12 books
A. D. Deyermond, 11 books
Clifford Davidson, 11 books
Alfred Jeanroy, 10 books
Léon Gautier, 10 books
Davis, Norman, 9 books
Norris J. Lacy, 9 books
Albert Pauphilet, 9 books
Christopher Gravett, 9 books
Robert Bossuat, 8 books
Edmond Faral, 8 books
A. C. Cawley, 8 books
Ca. Vē Cuppiramaṇiyan̲, 8 books
Alfred W. Pollard, 8 books
Jean Rychner, 8 books
Frédéric Godefroy, 7 books
Hardin Craig, 7 books
Paul Zumthor, 7 books


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