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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Thucydides, 159 books
Greece, 122 books
Plutarch, 111 books
Herodotus, 103 books
Xenophon, 60 books
Polybius, 40 books
Pindar, 39 books
Jean-Jacques Barthélemy, 38 books
Mahaffy, John Pentland Sir, 31 books
Don Nardo, 27 books
Claude Mossé, 27 books
Pausanias, 26 books
Jacqueline de Romilly, 24 books
John Boardman, 23 books
Aristotle, 23 books
Sappho, 23 books
Fritz Schachermeyr, 22 books
Mogens Herman Hansen, 22 books
Chrēstos Giannaras, 22 books
Karl Kerényi, 21 books
Walter Puchner, 21 books
William Smith, 21 books
Philip P. Betancourt, 20 books
André-Jean Festugière, 20 books
Luciano Canfora, 20 books


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