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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Pindar, 39 books
Eduard Lübbert, 33 books
Eduard Lübbert, 16 books
Rudolf Rauchenstein, 11 books
Tycho Mommsen, 10 books
Pindar, 8 books
Ludwig Bornemann, 7 books
Douglas E. Gerber, 6 books
Gottfried Hermann, 6 books
Anders Bjorn Drachmann, 6 books
Georg Meinel, 5 books
Hans Licht, 4 books
Erich Thummer, 4 books
August Wiskemann, 4 books
Leopold Valentin Schmidt, 4 books
Johann Boedeker, 4 books
Alfred Körte, 4 books
Imre Mueller, 4 books
Th Noack, 4 books
Edmund Pannicke, 4 books
James Bradley Wells, 4 books
Ernst Schmidt, 4 books
François Blondel, 3 books
Gennaro Perrotta, 3 books
Elroy L. Bundy, 3 books


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