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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
J. M. Edmonds, 14 books
Aeschylus, 11 books
Sappho, 10 books
M. L. West, 9 books
Hesiod, 9 books
C. M. Bowra, 8 books
Theocritus, 7 books
Dudley Fitts, 6 books
F. L. Lucas, 6 books
David A. Campbell, 6 books
Murray, Gilbert, 6 books
Anacreon, 6 books
Thomas Gaisford, 6 books
Denys Lionel Page, 6 books
Theodor Bergk, 5 books
Theocritus., 5 books
Homer, 5 books
Robin Skelton, 4 books
Walter Leaf, 4 books
Claude Calame, 4 books
Willis Barnstone, 4 books
Paton, W. R., 4 books
Douglas E. Gerber, 3 books
J. W. Mackail, 3 books
Ettore Romagnoli, 3 books


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