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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
David Lehman, 71 books
Lee Bennett Hopkins, 51 books
X. J. Kennedy, 42 books
Richard Garnett, 34 books
Myra Cohn Livingston, 33 books
Great Books Foundation (U.S.), 29 books
Sylvan Barnet, 27 books
William Fordyce Mavor, 25 books
Paul B. Janeczko, 23 books
Edgar Allan Poe, 23 books
Cole, William, 23 books
Pinkerton, John, 22 books
Dana Gioia, 22 books
Mark Twain, 18 books
Morton Berman, 18 books
Lee B. Hopkins, 18 books
Giuseppe Pitrè, 18 books
William Faulkner, 17 books
Nathaniel Hawthorne, 17 books
William Burto, 17 books
J. Paul Hunter, 15 books
Louis Untermeyer, 15 books
Karl Marx, 15 books
William Shakespeare, 15 books
G. Robert Carlsen, 14 books


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