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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Όμηρος, 99 books
Gregory Nagy, 12 books
Hesiod, 10 books
Joachim Latacz, 9 books
Harold Bloom, 8 books
G. S. Kirk, 7 books
Paolo Vivante, 7 books
Wolfgang Schadewaldt, 6 books
Franco Montanari, 6 books
William Ewart Gladstone, 5 books
Quintus Smyrnaeus, 5 books
Dee, James H., 5 books
John Flaxman, 4 books
Blackwell, Thomas, 4 books
Hartmut Erbse, 4 books
Alfred Heubeck, 4 books
Nonnus of Panopolis, 4 books
Ernst Heitsch, 4 books
Douglas Frame, 4 books
Eichhorn, Friedrich., 4 books
Denys Lionel Page, 4 books
Spence, Joseph, 4 books
Apollonius Rhodius, 4 books
Torquato Tasso, 4 books
Erich Lessing, 4 books


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