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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Plutarch, 28 books
Demosthenes, 28 books
Aristophanes, 25 books
Aristotle, 20 books
William Shakespeare, 19 books
Xenophon, 11 books
Giannēs Kairophylas, 10 books
Mogens Herman Hansen, 8 books
Isocrates, 7 books
Alexander Papageorgiou-Venetas, 6 books
Gore Vidal, 6 books
Paul Graindor, 5 books
Gaetano de Sanctis, 5 books
William Scott Ferguson, 5 books
Francis Rous, 5 books
Demosthenes, 5 books
Don Nardo, 4 books
William Blake Tyrrell, 4 books
Nicole Loraux, 4 books
Menander of Athens., 3 books
Ehrenberg, Victor, 3 books
Paul Cloché, 3 books
Luciano Canfora, 3 books
Stuart, James, 3 books
Martin Luther D'Ooge, 3 books


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