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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Thomas Aquinas, 81 books
Aristotle, 74 books
Averroës, 68 books
Simplicius of Cilicia, 49 books
John Philoponus, 43 books
Alexander of Aphrodisias, 38 books
Jean Buridan, 24 books
Giles of Rome, Archbishop of Bourges, 22 books
John Duns Scotus, 22 books
Grabmann, Martin, 16 books
Ammonius Hermiae, 16 books
Fārābī, 16 books
Joseph Owens, 15 books
Enrico Berti, 15 books
Franz Brentano, 14 books
Agostino Nifo, 14 books
John Case, 14 books
Joannes de Janduno, 14 books
Thomas Aquinas, Saint, 14 books
Paul Moraux, 13 books
Petrus Ramus, 13 books
Ingemar Düring, 13 books
Aristotle, 12 books
Werner Wilhelm Jaeger, 11 books
Carlo Natali, 11 books


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