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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Julio O. Chiappini, 22 books
Pablo Picasso, 10 books
Tetsurō Watsuji, 8 books
Harmon, Robert B., 8 books
Raphael, 7 books
Charles Monroe Sheldon, 7 books
Jon Stewart, 7 books
François Furet, 7 books
Gibbs, Philip, 6 books
Alison Alexander, 6 books
Jeffrey Record, 6 books
Julien Dubois, 6 books
David W. Blight, 6 books
Mohinimohan Bhattacharya, 5 books
Kate Mosse, 5 books
Palmer Cobb, 5 books
Dmitry Shlapentokh, 5 books
Irene Samuel, 5 books
Betty Lou Phillips, 5 books
Ray Eldon Hiebert, 5 books
Michael Cunningham, 5 books
Jan Tomasz Gross, 5 books
Madame de Staël, 5 books
Osvaldo Coggiola, 5 books
John K. Roth, 5 books


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