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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, 31 books
Benedetto Croce, 14 books
Walter Arnold Kaufmann, 12 books
G. R. G. Mure, 11 books
Jacques d' Hondt, 11 books
Augusto Vera, 10 books
Jean Hyppolite, 9 books
Gwendoline Jarczyk, 9 books
Karl Löwith, 8 books
György Lukács, 8 books
Karl Marx, 8 books
Franco Chiereghin, 7 books
Manfred Riedel, 7 books
H. S. Harris, 7 books
Karl Rosenkranz, 7 books
Roger Garaudy, 7 books
Domenico Losurdo, 7 books
Bourgeois, Bernard., 7 books
Leo Lugarini, 6 books
James Hutchison Stirling, 6 books
Marx, Werner., 6 books
Howard P. Kainz, 6 books
Lamb, David, 6 books
Robert Stern, 6 books
Stephen Houlgate, 6 books


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