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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Immanuel Kant, 36 books
Lewis White Beck, 13 books
Karl Vorländer, 11 books
Alexis Philonenko, 11 books
Gottfried Martin, 10 books
J. H. von Kirchmann, 9 books
Martin Heidegger, 9 books
Ludwig Goldschmidt, 9 books
Jean Ferrari, 8 books
Erich Adickes, 8 books
Guyer, Paul, 8 books
H. J. Paton, 7 books
Piero Giordanetti, 7 books
Hamann, Johann Georg, 7 books
Tilmann Pesch, 7 books
Otfried Höffe, 7 books
Henry E. Allison, 7 books
Norbert Hinske, 7 books
Moltke S. Gram, 6 books
Roger Verneaux, 6 books
George Samuel Albert Mellin, 6 books
Edward Caird, 6 books
Marcus, Ernst, 6 books
Robert Paul Wolff, 6 books
Volker Gerhardt, 6 books


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