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Editions Published
Year of Publication


Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
England and Wales, 150 books
Tuscany (Grand Duchy), 123 books
Mark Warda, 105 books
China, 97 books
Rhode Island., 93 books
Massachusetts, 89 books
Rand McNally, 81 books
Sir William Blackstone, 77 books
France, 71 books
United States, 69 books
James Publishing, 69 books
Pocket Press, 68 books
China., 67 books
Russia., 62 books
Kyle Brittain, 59 books
Japanese Rare Book Collection (Library of Congress), 55 books
Austin Sarat, 54 books
England., 51 books
Maryland, 51 books
Spain., 49 books
Massachusetts, 48 books
Roscoe Pound, 47 books
Jason Lee, 47 books
Mexico., 46 books
China (Republic : 1949- ), 46 books


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