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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Austin Sarat, 41 books
Renato Treves, 16 books
Manfred Rehbinder, 14 books
Roger Cotterrell, 12 books
John Hagan, 12 books
Adam Podgórecki, 12 books
Kulcsár, Kálmán., 10 books
Lawrence M. Friedman, 10 books
Gunther Teubner, 10 books
Roscoe Pound, 9 books
Niklas Luhmann, 9 books
Satjipto Rahardjo, 9 books
Boaventura de Sousa Santos, 7 books
Alan Watson, 7 books
Reza Banakar, 7 books
Varga, Csaba, 7 books
Rosemary Coombe, 7 books
Vilhelm Aubert, 7 books
John Monahan, 6 books
Jiří Přibáň, 6 books
Jean Carbonnier, 6 books
Lawrence Meir Friedman, 6 books
Romano Bettini, 6 books
Larry D. Barnett, 6 books
V. R. Krishna Iyer, 6 books


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