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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Max Weber, 16 books
Wolfgang Schluchter, 14 books
Wolfgang J. Mommsen, 8 books
Reinhard Bendix, 7 books
Karl Jaspers, 7 books
Stefan Breuer, 6 books
Weiss, Johannes, 5 books
Franco Ferrarotti, 5 books
Ōtsuka, Hisao, 4 books
Constans Seyfarth, 4 books
Julien Freund, 4 books
Bryan S. Turner, 4 books
Pietro Rossi, 4 books
Realino Marra, 4 books
Stephen Kalberg, 4 books
Gianfranco Poggi, 4 books
Alfred Schutz, 4 books
Karl Löwith, 3 books
Guenther Roth, 3 books
Karl Loewenstein, 3 books
Wolfgang Schwentker, 3 books
Kari Palonen, 3 books
Anthony Giddens, 3 books
Wilhelm Hennis, 3 books
Bruno Accarino, 3 books


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