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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Max Weber, 13 books
Peter L. Berger, 13 books
Angelo Brucculeri, 11 books
Hans Mol, 6 books
Bryan S. Turner, 6 books
J. Milton Yinger, 6 books
Reginald Massey, 4 books
Schneider, Louis, 4 books
Thomas F. O'Dea, 4 books
Nikola Skledar, 4 books
Steve Bruce, 4 books
Andrew M. Greeley, 4 books
François Houtart, 4 books
James A. Beckford, 4 books
Janusz Mariański, 4 books
Esad Ćimić, 4 books
Grace Davie, 4 books
Robert Neelly Bellah, 4 books
Arnaldo Nesti, 4 books
W. S. F. Pickering, 3 books
Georg Simmel, 3 books
Wach, Joachim, 3 books
Roger Caillois, 3 books
Sabino S. Acquaviva, 3 books
Glenn M. Vernon, 3 books


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