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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Charles Watts, 15 books
Jean Baubérot, 13 books
George Jacob Holyoake, 12 books
Paul Kurtz, 8 books
Yaakov Malkin, 7 books
n/a, 7 books
Charles Taylor, 7 books
Asgharali Engineer, 6 books
Emile Poulat, 6 books
Callum G. Brown, 6 books
Lloyd Geering, 6 books
Philippe Portier, 6 books
Ratibor-Ray M. Jurjevich, 6 books
Ram Puniyani, 5 books
Jacques Berlinerblau, 5 books
Phil Zuckerman, 5 books
David Lawrence Edwards, 5 books
Jūrj Ṭarābīshī, 5 books
Tariq Modood, 5 books
John Milbank, 5 books
Rajeev Bhargava, 5 books
Sita Ram Goel, 4 books
Ronald Gregor Smith, 4 books
C. John Sommerville, 4 books
Jacques Ellul, 4 books


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