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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Robin Jeffs, 22 books
Jeffrey Haynes, 16 books
Ram Puniyani, 10 books
Mark Silk, 9 books
Daniel L. Dreisbach, 7 books
Masʻūd Aẓhar, 7 books
Jonathan Fox, 6 books
Laura R. Olson, 6 books
Donald Eugene Smith, 5 books
Robert Wuthnow, 5 books
Mark J. Rozell, 5 books
Giorgio Agamben, 5 books
Stephen L. Carter, 5 books
Yitzhak Reiter, 5 books
Robert W. Hefner, 4 books
Jeffrey Stout, 4 books
David Scott Domke, 4 books
Robert Booth Fowler, 4 books
Emilio Gentile, 4 books
Antonius Liedhegener, 4 books
Ley, Michael, 4 books
Corwin E. Smidt, 4 books
John Okwoeze Odey, 4 books
James L. Guth, 4 books
Baruch Spinoza, 4 books


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