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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
James M. Henslin, 58 books
Anthony Giddens, 46 books
Émile Durkheim, 45 books
Max Weber, 44 books
John J. Macionis, 43 books
Talcott Parsons, 41 books
George Ritzer, 38 books
Herbert Spencer, 34 books
Pitirim Aleksandrovich Sorokin, 31 books
Pierre Bourdieu, 30 books
Karl Mannheim, 30 books
Franco Ferrarotti, 28 books
Robert D. Reed, 26 books
Danek S. Kaus, 26 books
Zygmunt Bauman, 23 books
Jonathan H. Turner, 23 books
Margaret L. Andersen, 23 books
Jeffrey C. Alexander, 22 books
Jeanne H. Ballantine, 22 books
Ferdinand Tönnies, 21 books
Robert J. Brym, 21 books
J. S. M. Ward, 20 books
Bryan S. Turner, 20 books
Richard T. Schaefer, 20 books
Georg Simmel, 18 books


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