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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
National Research Council (US), 24 books
Bryan S. Turner, 21 books
S. Irudaya Rajan, 16 books
Toyin Falola, 15 books
Bell Hooks, 15 books
Joe R. Feagin, 13 books
Norman K. Denzin, 13 books
John R. Smythies, 12 books
Michael Hviid Jacobsen, 11 books
World Bank, 10 books
Gerard Delanty, 10 books
Anthony Elliott, 9 books
Sandra Walklate, 9 books
Mark Doel, 9 books
No name, 9 books
SciELO - EDUEPB, 9 books
Das, Dilip K., 8 books
Peter N. Stearns, 8 books
Sarah Pink, 8 books
Salem Press, 8 books
Walter S. DeKeseredy, 8 books
Austin Sarat, 8 books
Peter Aggleton, 8 books
Thomas Hylland Eriksen, 8 books
Tim Ingold, 7 books