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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
National Research Council., 10 books
John R. Smythies, 10 books
Jerry L. Johnson, 10 books
James M. Henslin, 10 books
SciELO - EDUEPB, 9 books
Salem Press, 8 books
George Grant, 7 books
Ato Quayson, 6 books
David Knox, 6 books
Caroline Schacht, 6 books
Linda A. Mooney, 6 books
James Tyler Kent, 6 books
Carl Curt Pfeiffer, 5 books
Daniel Dorling, 5 books
William S. Laufer, 5 books
Margaret Mead, 5 books
Noel Merino, 5 books
Andrew C. Fortier, 5 books
Allison James, 5 books
Herbert Spencer, 4 books
Freda Adler, 4 books
Howard F. Taylor, 4 books
John Pitts, 4 books
John T. Pardeck, 4 books
Harold A. Hovey, 4 books


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