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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ray Broadus Browne, 20 books
John Fiske, 17 books
Marshall William Fishwick, 16 books
Time-Life Books, 15 books
Arthur Asa Berger, 15 books
John Storey, 15 books
René Debrie, 14 books
Greil Marcus, 14 books
Werner Faulstich, 13 books
Gökhan Akçura, 12 books
Storey, John, 12 books
Chun-man Kang, 12 books
Henry A. Giroux, 11 books
Slavoj Žižek, 11 books
Mary Pradt, 10 books
Betsy Dexter, 10 books
Richard Campbell, 10 books
Frenchy Lunning, 10 books
Kaspar Maase, 10 books
Chang-sun Pak, 10 books
M. Thomas Inge, 10 books
Néstor García Canclini, 10 books
Chris Rojek, 9 books
Marcel Danesi, 9 books
Tony Bennett, 9 books


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