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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Barb Sprunger, 9 books
Charles Kuralt, 4 books
Mike Royko, 4 books
Time-Life Books, 3 books
Tom Wolfe, 3 books
Ken Tate, 3 books
André Kaspi, 3 books
Robert Frank, 3 books
Janice Tate, 3 books
Danielle Steel, 3 books
Warner, W. Lloyd, 2 books
Marshall William Fishwick, 2 books
Ray Broadus Browne, 2 books
Dariusz Jarosz, 2 books
Colin Henfrey, 2 books
Saul D. Feldman, 2 books
Mary Novik, 2 books
John Gunnell, 2 books
Danielle Steel, 2 books
Stuart A. Kallen, 2 books
Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr., 2 books
Stephen Birmingham, 2 books
David Halberstam, 2 books
Philip D. Beidler, 2 books
Jeff Durstewitz, 2 books