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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Alexander Bloom, 5 books
Irwin Unger, 5 books
Taylor Branch, 5 books
Tom Brokaw, 4 books
David Burner, 4 books
Wini Breines, 4 books
William S. McConnell, 3 books
David Steigerwald, 3 books
Bernard von Bothmer, 3 books
Stephen H. Fritchman, 3 books
Dan Carlinsky, 2 books
Tom Pendergast, 2 books
Maurice Isserman, 2 books
Ellen Emerson White, 2 books
William L. O'Neill, 2 books
Victor Brooks, 2 books
Stuart A. Kallen, 2 books
Debi Unger, 2 books
Sara Pendergast, 2 books
André Kaspi, 2 books
Tom Hayden, 2 books
Philip Roth, 2 books
Peter O. Whitmer, 2 books
John Perritano, 2 books
David R. Farber, 2 books