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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Cory Doctorow, 4 books
Don Lattin, 3 books
Aaron Rose, 3 books
Brian Griffin, 2 books
Heath, Joseph, 2 books
Roger Gastman, 2 books
Susanne Pauser, 2 books
Barry Miles, 2 books
Alex Baker, 2 books
Vladimir Đurić, 2 books
Raymond Mungo, 2 books
Isamu Fukui, 2 books
Frederico Oliveira Coelho, 2 books
Sean M. Kelly, 2 books
Jenny Diski, 2 books
Patricia Welles, 1 book
Jean-Paul Brun, 1 book
Daniel Raunet, 1 book
Margaret Hollenbach, 1 book
Thomas, Matthew, 1 book
Gene Anthony, 1 book
Jeffery Paul Chan, 1 book
Susan Juby, 1 book
Fly, 1 book
Jon Ronson, 1 book


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