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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
David Bowie, 11 books
Tom Waits, 5 books
Leonard Cohen, 4 books
Iggy Pop, 4 books
Frank W. Hoffmann, 4 books
Queen (Musical group), 4 books
Ramones (Musical group), 4 books
Bob Dylan, 3 books
Salman Rushdie, 3 books
Claude Bolling, 3 books
Mark Powell, 3 books
Neil Young, 3 books
Clash (Musical group), 3 books
Thanhha Lai, 3 books
Pink Floyd (Musical group), 3 books
Rolling Stones, 3 books
Band (Musical group), 3 books
Jethro Tull (Musical group), 3 books
Donald J. Rauscher, 2 books
Al Green, 2 books
David Rockyfeller, 2 books
Robert Christgau, 2 books
Barney Hoskyns, 2 books
John Lennon, 2 books
Stuart Baker, 2 books


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