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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Frank W. Hoffmann, 3 books
Salman Rushdie, 3 books
Mark Powell, 3 books
David Rockyfeller, 2 books
Robert Christgau, 2 books
Barney Hoskyns, 2 books
Nelson George, 2 books
Maurice Lamothe, 2 books
Joe McKenna, 2 books
Mark Paytress, 2 books
Marcus Gray, 2 books
Whitney Balliett, 2 books
Thanhha Lai, 2 books
Bronté Woodard, 2 books
John Jackson, 2 books
Dave Anders, 2 books
Örjan Svedberg, 2 books
Tony Jasper, 1 book
Tommaso Vittorini, 1 book
Cyrus R. K. Patell, 1 book
S. Henry Cordor, 1 book
Beverly Ann Gray, 1 book
Wilson, A. J., 1 book
Barry J. Faulk, 1 book
Adolphus Benedict Tolbert, 1 book


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