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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Ronald D. Lankford, 3 books
Beau Jocque, 3 books
Nanda Lwin, 2 books
David MacFadyen, 1 book
Ben Thompson, 1 book
Harris, John, 1 book
Jamari França, 1 book
Luiz Fernando Vianna, 1 book
Laura Lunardelli, 1 book
Mark D. Sanders, 1 book
Alan Licht, 1 book
Ian Jackman, 1 book
Aurelio Pasini, 1 book
White, Timothy, 1 book
Robert Christgau, 1 book
Reginald Carver, 1 book
Francesco Gazzara, 1 book
John Robb, 1 book
Everett True, 1 book
Van Halen, 1 book
Williams, Paul, 1 book
Harrison, Thomas, 1 book
Daphne Brooks, 1 book
Jean Radvanyi, 1 book
Hodge, John, 1 book


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