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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Hal Leonard Corp. Staff, 250 books
Hal Leonard Corp., 229 books
The Beatles, 73 books
Eric Clapton, 32 books
Jimi Hendrix, 30 books
Neil Young, 29 books
Elvis Presley, 29 books
Beatles, 25 books
Greil Marcus, 22 books
Metallica, 21 books
Bob Dylan, 20 books
Alfred Publishing, 20 books
Dave Thompson, 18 books
Joel Whitburn, 18 books
Paul McCartney, 18 books
Elton John, 16 books
U2, 15 books
Radiohead (Musical group), 15 books
Alfred Music, 15 books
Clinton Heylin, 14 books
Bruce Pollock, 14 books
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation, 14 books
David Bowie, 14 books
Dave Marsh, 13 books
Pink Floyd, 13 books