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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Bob Dylan, 20 books
Clinton Heylin, 8 books
Gray, Michael, 5 books
Greil Marcus, 5 books
John Bauldie, 4 books
Stephen Pickering, 4 books
Howard Sounes, 4 books
Dalton, David, 4 books
Derek Barker, 4 books
Tim Dunn, 4 books
Alain Rémond, 3 books
Gary K. Browning, 3 books
Andy Gill, 3 books
Williams, Paul, 3 books
Shelton, Robert, 3 books
Gutman, David, 3 books
Michael Gray, 3 books
David Boucher, 3 books
Michael Krogsgaard, 2 books
John Hinchey, 2 books
Walter Schmitt, 2 books
Mathias R. Schmidt, 2 books
Sean Wilentz, 2 books
Anthony Scaduto, 2 books
Paul Cable, 2 books


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