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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Albert Einstein, 43 books
Lillian Rosanoff Lieber, 6 books
Max Born, 6 books
Jeremy Bernstein, 5 books
Iain Paul, 4 books
D. P. Gribanov, 4 books
Abraham Pais, 4 books
Gerald James Holton, 4 books
B. G. Kuznet͡sov, 3 books
Philipp Frank, 3 books
Carl Seelig, 3 books
Leopold Infeld, 3 books
Hans Thirring, 3 books
Max Jammer, 3 books
Banesh Hoffmann, 3 books
Nordmann, Charles., 3 books
Hans Reichenbach, 3 books
Schilpp, Paul Arthur, 3 books
David Bodanis, 3 books
Clarice Swisher, 3 books
Thomas F. Glick, 3 books
Johannes Wickert, 3 books
Peter Michelmore, 3 books
Mark Alpert, 3 books
José Rodrigues dos Santos, 3 books


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