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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Karl Baedeker (Firm), 11 books
Gustav Sichelschmidt, 9 books
Gerhard Wettig, 9 books
Heinrich Zille, 7 books
Adriaan von Müller, 7 books
Philip Kerr, 7 books
Hans-Rainer Sandvoss, 6 books
Len Deighton, 6 books
Irmgard Wirth, 5 books
Ostwald, Hans, 5 books
Christopher Isherwood, 5 books
Knobloch, Heinz, 5 books
Adolf Stein, 5 books
Peter Fritzsche, 5 books
Helmut Engel, 5 books
Theodor Fontane, 5 books
Thomas Flemming, 5 books
Waldemar Brust, 4 books
Anthony Read, 4 books
Joseph Roth, 4 books
Laurenz Demps, 4 books
Paul Grossman, 4 books
Inge Deutschkron, 4 books
Holland, Jack, 4 books
Udo Wetzlaugk, 4 books


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