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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Konrad Adenauer, 7 books
Gerhard Wettig, 7 books
Helmut Schmidt, 6 books
Willy Brandt, 6 books
Ulbricht, Walter, 5 books
Bender, Peter, 5 books
Thomas Flemming, 5 books
Egon Bahr, 4 books
David Shears, 3 books
Vyacheslav Mikhaylovich Molotov, 3 books
Hans Grimm, 3 books
Christoph Klessmann, 3 books
Erich Honecker, 3 books
Zdenko Radelić, 3 books
Edgar Wolfrum, 3 books
Jean-Paul Cahn, 3 books
Tine Hribar, 3 books
Grosser, Alfred, 3 books
Fred Taylor, 3 books
Eckhard Jesse, 3 books
Friso Wielenga, 3 books
Hillgruber, Andreas., 3 books
Johann Baptist Gradl, 2 books
Klaus Bölling, 2 books
Robert M. Slusser, 2 books


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