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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Slovenia., 105 books
Slovenia, 80 books
Zavod SR Slovenije za statistiko., 20 books
Marija Stanonik, 20 books
Ivan Stopar, 19 books
Dimitrij Rupel, 18 books
Janez J. Švajncer, 18 books
Josip Vidmar, 15 books
Marijan Zadnikar, 15 books
Igor Grdina, 15 books
Jože Dežman, 15 books
Bogo Grafenauer, 13 books
Zdenko Čepič, 13 books
Vasja Predan, 12 books
Andrej Hrausky, 12 books
Tone Ferenc, 12 books
Janko Prunk, 12 books
France Martin Dolinar, 11 books
Dragotin Cvetko, 11 books
Janez Höfler, 11 books
Zvonka Zupanič-Slavec, 11 books
Mitja Ferenc, 10 books
Jože Plečnik, 10 books
Dušan Kos, 10 books
Peter Štih, 10 books


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