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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Bertolt Brecht, 73 books
Werner Hecht, 30 books
Martin Esslin, 16 books
Jürgen Hillesheim, 11 books
John Fuegi, 10 books
Ernst Schumacher, 9 books
Jan Knopf, 9 books
John Willett, 9 books
Jan Knopf, 9 books
Werner Mittenzwei, 9 books
Siegfried Mews, 8 books
Manfred Wekwerth, 8 books
Hanns Eisler, 8 books
Reinhold Grimm, 7 books
Werner Hecht, 7 books
Hans Mayer, 6 books
Steinweg, Reiner, 6 books
Eric Bentley, 6 books
Karl Brinkmann, 6 books
John Willett, 6 books
James K. Lyon, 5 books
Paolo Chiarini, 5 books
Ronald D. Gray, 5 books
Keith A. Dickson, 5 books
Klaus Völker, 5 books


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