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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Walter Benjamin, 28 books
Andrew E. Benjamin, 8 books
Gershom Scholem, 7 books
Michael Löwy, 6 books
Erdmut Wizisla, 6 books
Norbert W. Bolz, 5 books
Rolf Tiedemann, 5 books
Sigrid Weigel, 4 books
Bernd Witte, 4 books
Momme Brodersen, 4 books
Uwe Steiner, 4 books
Ingrid Scheurmann, 3 books
Bruno Tackels, 3 books
Mauro Ponzi, 3 books
Richter, Gerhard, 3 books
Dani Karavan, 3 books
Theodor W. Adorno, 3 books
Heinz Wismann, 3 books
Michael Rumpf, 3 books
Carl Djerassi, 3 books
Hannah Arendt, 3 books
Gerhard Wagner, 3 books
Fabrizio Desideri, 3 books
Richard Faber, 3 books
Klaus Garber, 3 books


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