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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Franz Kafka, 110 books
Hartmut Binder, 16 books
Brod, Max, 10 books
Harold Bloom, 9 books
Klaus Wagenbach, 8 books
Gustav Janouch, 8 books
Angel Flores, 7 books
Walter Herbert Sokel, 7 books
Elias Canetti, 6 books
Ronald D. Gray, 5 books
Günther Anders, 5 books
Jürgen Born, 5 books
Margarete Buber-Neumann, 5 books
René Marill, 5 books
Heinrich Politzer, 5 books
Marthe Robert, 5 books
Hillel Barzel, 4 books
Friedrich Beissner, 4 books
Bert Nagel, 4 books
Hubben, William, 4 books
Herberth Czermak, 4 books
Stanley Corngold, 4 books
Marek Nekula, 4 books
Heinz Politzer, 4 books
James Rolleston, 3 books


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