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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Thomas Mann, 86 books
Helmut Koopmann, 14 books
Hans Wisskirchen, 13 books
Thomas Sprecher, 12 books
Hans Wysling, 8 books
Eckhard Heftrich, 8 books
Peter de Mendelssohn, 7 books
Georg Wenzel, 7 books
Erika Mann, 7 books
Erich Heller, 7 books
Käte Hamburger, 6 books
Reinhard Baumgart, 6 books
Hermann Kurzke, 6 books
Hans Rudolf Vaget, 5 books
J. P. Stern, 5 books
György Lukács, 5 books
Klaus Schröter, 5 books
Dirk Heisserer, 5 books
Golo Mann, 5 books
Hermann Hesse, 5 books
Herbert Lehnert, 5 books
Georg Potempa, 5 books
Rudolf Wolff, 4 books
Walter Arthur Berendsohn, 4 books
Thomas, R. Hinton, 4 books


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