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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, 943 books
John Leonard Greenberg, 287 books
Heinrich Düntzer, 34 books
Thomas Mann, 24 books
Wilhelm Bode, 21 books
Rudolf Steiner, 17 books
Friedrich Schiller, 14 books
Joachim Müller, 12 books
Ludwig Geiger, 9 books
Elizabeth M. Wilkinson, 9 books
Thomas Carlyle, 8 books
Rudolf Ibel, 8 books
Ernst Rudolf Beutler, 8 books
Georg Witkowski, 8 books
Karl Viëtor, 7 books
Walther Victor, 7 books
Farinelli, Arturo, 7 books
Staiger, Emil, 7 books
Albert Fuchs, 7 books
Albert Bielschowsky, 7 books
Salomon Hirzel, 7 books
Heinrich Düntzer, 7 books
P. J. Möbius, 6 books
Victor Hehn, 6 books
Krogmann, Willy, 6 books


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