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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Dieter Bartetzko, 11 books
Fried Lübbecke, 8 books
Jakob Arjouni, 8 books
Heinz Schomann, 6 books
Hans Pehl, 5 books
Hilmar Hoffmann, 5 books
Andrea Hampel, 5 books
Volker Fischer, 5 books
Hans-Otto Schembs, 5 books
Franz Lerner, 5 books
Almut Junker, 4 books
Friedrich Bothe, 4 books
Schäfer, Rudolf, 4 books
Waldemar Kramer, 4 books
Matthias Alexander, 4 books
Frankfurt am Main (Germany), 4 books
Valentin Senger, 4 books
Wolfgang Klötzer, 4 books
Wolfgang Klötzer, 4 books
Helmut Nordmeyer, 4 books
Alexander Dietz, 4 books
Ingeborg Flagge, 3 books
Egon Wamers, 3 books
Helga Krohn, 3 books
Rachel Heuberger, 3 books


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