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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Arthur Schnitzler, 8 books
William Shakespeare, 8 books
Frank Tallis, 7 books
Elisabeth Koller-Glück, 6 books
Karl Kobald, 6 books
Frederic Morton, 6 books
Ferdinand Opll, 6 books
Felix Czeike, 6 books
Franz Endler, 6 books
Peter Csendes, 5 books
Elfriede Jelinek, 5 books
Bartel F. Sinhuber, 5 books
J. Sydney Jones, 5 books
Hellmut Andics, 5 books
Fred Hennings, 4 books
Hugo Ellenberger, 4 books
Graham Greene, 4 books
Roth, Gerhard, 4 books
Helmut Kretschmer, 4 books
Fritz M. Rebhann, 4 books
Helga Maria Wolf, 4 books
Reinhard Pohanka, 4 books
Dietmar Grieser, 4 books
Felix Salten, 4 books
Otto Stradal, 3 books


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