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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
James Joyce, 47 books
Clive Hart, 17 books
Richard Ellmann, 13 books
Bernard Benstock, 12 books
Stanislaus Joyce, 11 books
Umberto Eco, 11 books
Marvin Magalaner, 9 books
Rudyard Kipling, 8 books
Anthony Burgess, 8 books
Fritz Senn, 8 books
Thomas F. Staley, 8 books
Claude Jacquet, 7 books
Derek Attridge, 7 books
Jean-Michel Rabaté, 7 books
Stanislaus Joyce, 7 books
S. L. Goldberg, 7 books
Margot Norris, 7 books
Robert Martin Adams, 7 books
A. Walton Litz, 6 books
Herbert Sherman Gorman, 6 books
Ezra Pound, 6 books
Hugh Kenner, 6 books
William York Tindall, 6 books
Morris Beja, 6 books
Stuart Gilbert, 6 books


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