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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
D. H. Lawrence, 60 books
Harry Thornton Moore, 18 books
John Middleton Murry, 16 books
Richard Aldington, 10 books
E. W. Tedlock, 10 books
Keith M. Sagar, 9 books
Harry T. Moore, 9 books
John Worthen, 8 books
Frieda von Richthofen Lawrence, 6 books
Michael Squires, 6 books
Colin Clarke, 6 books
Jessie Chambers, 6 books
Armin Arnold, 6 books
Anaïs Nin, 6 books
Catherine Carswell, 6 books
Gāmini Salgādo, 6 books
Helen Corke, 5 books
Jeffrey Meyers, 5 books
Mark Spilka, 5 books
Paul Poplawski, 5 books
Ellis, David, 5 books
Earl G. Ingersoll, 5 books
James C. Cowan, 4 books
Martin Jarrett-Kerr, 4 books
Young, Kenneth, 4 books


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