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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Joseph Conrad, 54 books
Todd K. Bender, 12 books
Zdzisław Najder, 11 books
Richard Curle, 10 books
Wiesław Krajka, 9 books
Owen Knowles, 9 books
G. Jean-Aubry, 9 books
J. H. Stape, 8 books
Cedric Thomas Watts, 7 books
Gene M. Moore, 6 books
Harold Bloom, 6 books
Jakob Lothe, 6 books
Stefan Zabierowski, 6 books
Norman Sherry, 6 books
Jessie Conrad, 5 books
Keith Carabine, 5 books
Ford Madox Ford, 5 books
Adam Gillon, 5 books
Allan Simmons, 5 books
Retinger, J. H., 5 books
Josiane Paccaud-Huguet, 5 books
Ernst Paulus Bendz, 4 books
C. B. Cox, 4 books
M. C. Bradbrook, 4 books
Marvin Mudrick, 4 books


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