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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Hart, Christopher., 47 books
Wendon Blake, 41 books
Mark Bergin, 39 books
Lee J. Ames, 38 books
José María Parramón, 35 books
Ed Emberley, 23 books
Arthur Zaidenberg, 21 books
Patricia Monahan, 20 books
Frederic Taubes, 18 books
Jenny Rodwell, 18 books
Christopher Hart, 18 books
Cennini, Cennino, 17 books
Walter Thomas Foster, 17 books
Mark Bergin, 15 books
Frank Lohan, 15 books
Leonard Richmond, 14 books
Aaron Sautter, 14 books
J. M. Parramón, 14 books
Diana Fisher, 13 books
Lee Hammond, 13 books
William F. Powell, 13 books
Nicole Brecke, 13 books
Abraham Bosse, 12 books
Schlegel, August Wilhelm von, 12 books
Umberto Eco, 12 books


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