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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Rachel Rubin Wolf, 15 books
Alwyn Crawshaw, 13 books
Claudia Nice, 12 books
Hazel Harrison, 12 books
Ron Ranson, 12 books
Zoltan Szabo, 12 books
Hazel Soan, 11 books
Richard S. Taylor, 11 books
Ray Campbell Smith, 11 books
Wendon Blake, 10 books
Patricia Monahan, 10 books
José María Parramón, 9 books
Wendy Jelbert, 9 books
Bellamy, David, 8 books
Reid, Charles, 7 books
Angela Gair, 7 books
Johnson, Cathy, 6 books
Jan Kunz, 6 books
Geoff Kersey, 6 books
Jean Haines, 6 books
Marcus Bourne Huish, 6 books
Rex Brandt, 5 books
Leslie Worth, 5 books
Eliot O'Hara, 5 books
William Newton, 5 books


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