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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Charlotte Guillain, 25 books
Jill C. Wheeler, 24 books
Sylvan Barnet, 23 books
Brian S. Brooks, 20 books
Jeff Herman, 19 books
Tish Farrell, 14 books
Anita Ganeri, 14 books
Paul Auster, 14 books
Edwin Reed, 14 books
John Mackinnon Robertson, 14 books
Margot Northey, 14 books
Edward D. Johnson, 13 books
Valerie Bodden, 13 books
Kirk Polking, 13 books
William Wordsworth, 12 books
Robert Lee Brewer, 12 books
Pie Corbett, 11 books
Barry Turner, 11 books
Eric Nolen-Weathington, 11 books
Mernie Gallagher-Cole, 11 books
Jean-Paul Sartre, 10 books
John Bankston, 10 books
Michelle Parker-Rock, 10 books
Greenwood, G. G. Sir, 10 books
Mervin Block, 10 books


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