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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Brian S. Brooks, 51 books
Chun-man Kang, 33 books
Daryl R. Moen, 31 books
Don Ranly, 29 books
George Kennedy, 28 books
Missouri Group, 23 books
John E. Drewry, 19 books
Roy Peter Clark, 18 books
I︠A︡sen Nikolaevich Zasurskiĭ, 16 books
Norm Goldstein, 15 books
Mott, Frank Luther, 13 books
John Calhoun Merrill, 13 books
Melvin Mencher, 12 books
Stuart Allan, 11 books
Linda Ellerbee, 11 books
José Marques de Melo, 11 books
Sidney Kobre, 11 books
Michael Schudson, 10 books
James L. Pinson, 10 books
Arai, Naoyuki, 9 books
Christopher Scanlan, 9 books
Everette E. Dennis, 9 books
William L. Rivers, 9 books
Hanqi Fang, 9 books
Peter Phillips, 9 books


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