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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Noam Chomsky, 6 books
Russell Kick, 4 books
Brown, Stuart C., 3 books
Sciacca, Michele Federico, 3 books
Keith E. Stanovich, 3 books
Rosen, Jay, 3 books
S. E. Cupp, 3 books
Jim A. Kuypers, 3 books
Ayn Rand, 3 books
Jeff Cohen, 3 books
L. Brent Bozell, 3 books
Thomas N. Gardner, 3 books
Rose, Tom, 2 books
Francisco Sant'Anna, 2 books
Takayama, Masayuki, 2 books
Reed Irvine, 2 books
Bernard Goldberg, 2 books
Andrew Breitbart, 2 books
Paul Ruschmann, 2 books
Matthew Gentzkow, 2 books
Alison Wylie, 2 books
Diane Negra, 2 books
Andrew Belsey, 2 books
W. Joseph Campbell, 2 books
Philip M. Seib, 2 books


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