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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Chun-man Kang, 8 books
Jerry W. Knudson, 4 books
Bruna Talluri, 4 books
Eric Boehlert, 4 books
Gadi Wolfsfeld, 4 books
Shanto Iyengar, 4 books
Patricio Dooner, 4 books
Pape Samba Kane, 3 books
Mark J. Rozell, 3 books
L. A. Molchanov, 3 books
Raúl Trejo Delarbre, 3 books
Jeremy D. Popkin, 3 books
Louis Liebovich, 3 books
Thomas, Evan, 3 books
Fārūq Abū Zayd, 3 books
Chong-chʻan Kim, 3 books
Mauro Forno, 3 books
Sŭng-u Ko, 3 books
Petra María Secanella, 2 books
Xavier Carty, 2 books
Bill Sammon, 2 books
Marcellin Pellet, 2 books
Stephen J. Farnsworth, 2 books
James E. Mueller, 2 books
Eduardo Zukernik, 2 books


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