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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Elisabetta Dami, 79 books
Lilian Jackson Braun, 49 books
Willem L. Oltmans, 25 books
National Union of Journalists., 19 books
Amy Elisabeth Fuller, 18 books
Hunter S. Thompson, 17 books
Farīd Qāsimī, 15 books
Brendan DuBois, 13 books
John R. Riggs, 13 books
David Downing, 13 books
Cao, Juren, 12 books
Gerry Boyle, 12 books
n/a, 12 books
Scot Peacock, 12 books
Andreĭ Konstantinov, 12 books
Joanne Pence, 11 books
Richard Castle, 11 books
Colin Bateman, 11 books
Enzo Biagi, 11 books
Stieg Larsson, 10 books
Harry Allen Smith, 10 books
Chin-sŏk Chŏng, 10 books
Egon Erwin Kisch, 9 books
Muṣṭafá Amīn, 9 books
William Cobbett, 9 books


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