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Editions Published
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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Lilian Jackson Braun, 25 books
David Downing, 11 books
Richard Castle, 10 books
Michael Connelly, 9 books
B. J. Daniels, 8 books
Brendan DuBois, 7 books
Richard S. Wheeler, 7 books
Lilian Jackson Braun, 7 books
Stieg Larsson, 6 books
Beth Saulnier, 6 books
David Downing, 6 books
Peter Guttridge, 5 books
Robert Stone, 5 books
John Case, 5 books
William Dean Howells, 5 books
Jason Pinter, 5 books
David Lagercrantz, 5 books
Colin Bateman, 5 books
William Safire, 5 books
Darlene Gardner, 4 books
Carly Phillips, 4 books
Cindi Myers, 4 books
Rick Mofina, 4 books
Michael Robotham, 4 books
Barbara Hannay, 4 books


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