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Prolific Authors

who have written the most books on this subject
Denis Faul, 6 books
Steve Bruce, 6 books
Deutsch, Richard., 5 books
J. Bowyer Bell, 5 books
Paul Bew, 5 books
Gerry Adams, 5 books
Holland, Jack, 4 books
Darby, John, 4 books
Roger Faligot, 4 books
Padraig O'Malley, 4 books
Ken M. Wharton, 4 books
Taylor, Peter, 4 books
William D. Flackes, 4 books
David McKittrick, 4 books
Farrell, Michael, 3 books
Boyd, Andrew, 3 books
Louise Dean, 3 books
Thomas Hennessey, 3 books
Martin Dillon, 3 books
Alan O'Day, 3 books
Arthur, Paul, 3 books
Adrian Guelke, 3 books
Tim Pat Coogan, 3 books
Murray, Raymond., 3 books
Cahal B. Daly, 3 books


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